2022 Registration


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ALL Players and Cheerleaders (INCLUDING FLAG)

  1. We need to collect the following paperwork from you: Copy of birth certificate, health insurance, and physical
  2. You can use this link to upload the documents! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf6qX0KXp04erA5HriTdqEmV7fovK6-R-4BGyl-i8BhpXiDlg/viewform
  3. If you can't upload the documents, please attend an in person registration date or turn in at tryouts.
  4. Note: Returners - we should have your birth certificate on file already. Please turn in your physical (and updated insurance if applicable) at an in person registration date or at your first practice. (If you choose to upload documents electronically, it will require you to upload a copy of the birth certificate.)

NEW Football Players (excluding FLAG)

  1. New players with NO RETURNING SIBLINGS should plan to attend Tryouts on Saturday July 9. Times listed below.
  2. - PeeWee (ages 6-7): 11am-12pm
  3. - Freshman (ages 8-9): 12pm-1pm
  4. - JV (ages 10-11) and Varsity (ages 12-13): 1pm-2pm
  5. Note: if you are unable to make Tryouts, your child will still be placed on a team.
  6. Note: a returning sibling is a child that played in the league in FALL 2021 and is playing again in FALL 2022.
  7. Example: Johnny and Billy are brothers. Johnny played in the league last year in fall 2021 and he is signing up again this year in fall 2022. Billy also wants to sign up this year in fall 2022. Billy does NOT need to attend tryouts in fall 2022 because he is considered a returning sibling option. Billy will be drafted to the same organization that Johnny is on..

Football Players RENTING EQUIPMENT (excluding FLAG)

  1. Any football player that needs to rent equipment MUST attend one of the in person registration dates below in order to be fitted for their equipment.

Football Players NEEDING FITTED FOR UNIFORM (excluding FLAG)

  • Any football player that needs to be fitted for a uniform (NEW players or returners who need replacements) MUST attend one of the in person registration dates below in order to be fitted.
    - Equipment is needed in order to fit your child for a uniform. If they have their own equipment, they should bring it to the fitting.


Online Registration

 Register Online 

TRYOUTS for Cheerleaders

Cheer will be holding an evaluation for Advanced Team Placement. 
Participants can attend the evaluation for the opportunity to move up to a different level based on mastered skills instead of League Age. There are mandatory requirements for this process. Please CAREFULLY read the attached document for ALL of the details. If your child wants to be evaluated, please attend the evaluation and bring a signed copy of the document with you. 

Evaluations will be held at the W. Randy Smith Recreation Center on July 9th at the following times for NEW and RETURNING cheerleaders: 7 year old PW’s: 9am-10am
8 and 9 year old Freshman: 10-11
This event is held inside. Please wear the appropriate shoes.




  • Saturday June 18 and 25 from 10am-1pm.
  • Wednesday July 6 from 6pm-7pm.



  1. Monday July 18 - first day of practice for tackle and cheer
  2. Sunday July 24 - Weigh ins (schedule TBD) - for Tackle Football players only.
  3. Monday August 1 - first day of practice for flag teams
  4. Sunday August 7 - Weigh ins (schedule TBD) - for Tackle Football players only.
  5. Friday August 12 - SBYFA opening ceremonies 6pm
  6. Saturday August 13 - first games for tackle
  7. Saturday August 27 - first games for flag
  8. Saturday Oct 15 - first round of playoffs
  9. Saturday Oct 29 - Championship games
  10. Saturday Nov 5 - Cheer Competition


  1. Tackle Football - uniform (estimated at $70), cleats and practice uniforms (purchase on your own)
  2. Cheer - spiritwear hoodie (estimated at $30), bodysuit ($20), black leggings and sneakers (purchase on your own)
  3. *prices listed are estimations from previous seasons and are subject to change

If you have any questions, please contact us at sbyfl.wv@gmail.com.

THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING SBYFA! We are looking forward to a wonderful season with you!